Out of Order…

A while back I mentioned I would be transferring my blog to a new location. I have yet to do so, and have been searching for a good home to locate my blog. In the mean time, I have undergone some issues that have taken away from my time that I would normally have spent in my craft room. It has been a rather stressful time since my last post as my craft room is my “safe haven”, my place of solitude where I can get rid of all the nonsense of the outside world and just focus on me for a little bit.

I will be dedicating a lot of time on getting back to focusing on my own needs as well as the needs of those around me. My craft room needs major work  and my projects need to get caught up and finished. So, over the course of the next few days, my desk will become visible again, cards will be made, swaps will be completed, November’s hop will be prepped and ready to publish as will upcoming sales…and I will get ready for upcoming shoulder surgery.

Will my creativity time ever be back to normal? Yes…yes it will. It will just take a little work and determination on my part, and a little understanding from those around me that I am an artisan who needs to release frustrations by cutting, snipping, pasting, and sharing (among other such things). Otherwise, I am totally out-of-order and down for the count…at least mentally.

As always, stay creatively stamping!