Winter Blues?

The past few days I’ve really been feeling under the weather (or maybe the weather has just been that horrible…yep, I said it. Central NY weather is crappy this year). As it turns out I have the flu…and I’m blaming the weather. What can a person expect when one day it’s 50 degrees with lots of sun, and the next it’s 15 degrees with lots of snow. Mind you, I LOVE the snow, and the cold weather because there are many things to do in winter (like ride snowmobiles, sip hot chocolate while sitting around a camp fire before heading out on the next leg of the trail…my favorite), but this winter hasn’t been fun at all. It’s either too cold because of the wind chill, or too warm and the snow is melting, even the ice is too thin to go ice fishing. And now, the flu is rampant…because of this crazy weather…and I got it. I don’t doubt I caught this nasty bug in one of my doctors’ offices (which I’m at on almost a daily basis because of ongoing treatments or else I’d be at home) where people like me are in the same boat. But since I’m starting to feel better, I’m back to getting things done, back to the organizing, and back to the crafting…just slowly. I’ll be posting more in the next couple days again.

In the meantime, stay healthy, everyone! And stay creatively stamping!