Helping my customers

I received a text message earlier tonight. “Can you by any chance get this Paper Pumpkin kit for me?” It was the January 2016 Cute Conversations kit. I responded with my usual message of being able to do an ISO post to see what responses I’d get and then doing a search for the kit online later on tonight. When I told my customer I had put up the search ad, my customer responded “Awesome, ty”.

Despite the fact that I may not be able to find the kit for her, she knew I was doing what I promised…looking for the kit. This is what being a demonstrator is all about for me…helping my customers to the best of my ability, even if it means I can’t locate a retired item for them. I have been able to locate a couple kits, and as of this blog post, I am waiting for responses to a few emails. I am sure I will have the kit for my customer within the next couple days.

This is just one of the many ways I can help my customers. I love helping my customers, and I’m glad they know they can count on me to help them.