The past week or so I have been spending time just doing that…organizing. There is never enough organizing to be done when it comes to crafting, especially paper crafting, and when products are turning over all the time, this is especially true.

I have been spending time on Pinterest, Facebook, and other sites getting ideas for the best ways to organize my craftroom in order to minimize the “clutter” that I work in when I do projects (and I’m sure you all have seen the backgrounds in my completed projects lol). It doesn’t bother me, but when I’m not working in my craftroom, that’s when it does bother me. I really can’t stand messes.

So, this past week, all my DSP have been put together in one pile (and OMGoodness there is a lot of them), all my Paper Pumpkin kits have been put together, and so on. I picked up some little storage units (small desk sized stuff) to start putting things in so I can start breaking down my PP kits into the individual pieces. My desk will no longer be filled with things I’m not using because bookshelves have been reorganized so everything fits…again.

There is still a lot I need to do, such as purchasing floor-sized storage pieces that will go together to form a desk (yes, a second one since you can never have enough desk space in a crafting room) and a photo album for all the stamp sets from Paper Pumpkin kits, but for now things look better and there is more space for me to plan and work.

Once my organizing project is finished, I’ll be back with my paper crafting projects and my regular weekly posts. TTFN, and I’ll be posting again in a few days.


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